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02 July 2013 Categories: French Language

French is the second most taught foreign language all over the world after English. It is also the only other international language apart from English that is spoken across five continents. Presently, French and English are the only two global languages. The fact that twenty eight countries use French as their official language displays the importance of French language across the globe.

In addition, various international organizations like UNESCO, the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations and the International Red Cross Association consider French to be an official working language besides English. This language is spoken in several countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Some major tourist destinations like France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec and Belgium consider French to be their national language.

Other countries such as Monaco, Morocco and Egypt are a few members of the fifty six countries listed on the International Organization of French speaking countries. When you learn French, you can familiarize yourself with some of the cultural aspects of a French speaking area. This will help you become multicultural and able to get in touch with events that take place across the world.

The French language also has an attractive appeal that makes someone want to hear people speaking it more and more. French plays an important role in touching a person’s sex appeal, especially the opposite sex. Both men and women are more likely to feel attracted towards a partner who is able to speak this language fluently.

How to Learn French

Learning the French language can also open up better business opportunities for you since this language is highly useful in international business. Various products like liquors, wines, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics manufactured in France and other French speaking areas are exported to many countries around the world.

Learning French can also open up doors to employment in various occupations like translation, teaching and travel. If you know how to speak and read French, you will not have any problems visiting French speaking nations since most instructions and sign boards are written in this language. You will also be able to communicate with locals and this can significantly enhance your travel experience.

French Translation

Starting French language classes is the main step you need to take to learn this language. There are many resources in Delhi where you can start learning French. Apart from enrolling in a college that offers French classes, you can utilize websites that offer French lessons. These sites usually have French sound clips in MP3 format that allow you to listen to people speaking the language and learn other aspects of French such as grammar, dictation, translation and pronunciation.

Some online resources also offer animated films of likely situations that you may come across when visiting France or another French speaking area. Some learning resources also have interactive flash cards that can help you learn French verbs easily and many pages of transcripts that you can read.